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Boiler Installation in Daventry, Fleet and Sheffield

Boiler Flow are proud to install the leading brands of boilers including Worcester Bosch, Valliant and Ideal.

We will carry out a site survey to establish the best boiler for your home and which one best suites your needs.

Most Boilers come with a 5year Manufacturer’s Warranty as long as the boiler has been installed correctly to current Regulations and or Manufacturer’s instructions.

Almost all manufacturer’s, specify that the product must be installed with clean water, therefore a chemical power flush must be done before the installation is commissioned.

As a standard, all new boiler installations include the following;

  • Removal and disposal of old boiler and all packaging
  • Chemical Power Flush
  • Magnetic filter, as long as there is a suitable location available
  • 2 Year Installation Warranty
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty (2 to 10 years)

Power Flush

Over time, your central heating system has a build up of sludge which can cause a multitude of problems. Your central heating system will be chemically power flushed, using our specialist equipment, this is a very important part of the installation, most Manufactures will only guarantee your new boiler if it is installed initially with clean water.

Magnetic Filter

A magnetic filter is fitted as standard to all new installations, ensuring your boiler and radiators are kept as clean as possible at all times. The Filter can be removed and cleaned as part of your annual service.

Lime scale Filter

A lime Scale filter is fitted to the mains cold water supply before it feeds your new boiler, again ensuring that your new boiler is kept clean and efficient. These again are recommended to be changed every 12 months so again, could be part of your annual service.

Chemical Protection

Your central heating system needs to be kept as efficient as possible so whilst we fill your radiators up after the new installation we use chemicals to protect against, sludge, scale and corrosion.

Installation Guarantee

All new installations are guaranteed for 1 year and the warranty will depend on the manufacturer normally a minimum of 5 years.

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